Grumpy Goes Shopping (11-07-03)

Grumpy was still happy about his ore fields so he decided to get some shopping done last night. Grumpy has to do a lot of shopping, far too much of it, but he needs component suppliers for his own products.

Grumpy thinks stores with NPC vendors that face the walls are stupid. Is the /rotate command or radial menu that difficult to use? Grumpy thinks the only good thing about the ridiculously high pricing at some stores is that the owner doesn’t have to restock. Grumpy wonders why any customers would run away from the bazaar terminals to a store that sells the same item for twice as much. He thinks their customers probably wonder this too. Actually, there are no customers. ever.

Grumpy thinks he knows why.

Grumpy thinks NPC vendors that ad bark are stupid. Grumpy is afraid to move too far away from the NPC for fear it will start shouting at him again. and again. and again. He thinks that malls with barking NPCs deserve to have some of Grumpy’s mines placed right in front of them with rude names on them like “Sorry, this mall is closed for remodeling” or “Vendors broken today – Taking credits and not giving the item”. Grumpy knows that people can’t find out who the mine owner is by examining it.

Grumpy had to pick up some crates from a supplier at a mall last night. He always remembers to put up “No Title” when he goes shopping. Grumpy wasn’t inside the mall but 2 minutes when he got banished outside. This was very annoying as Grumpy was there on legitimate business…this time. After Grumpy’s supplier restored his access, he warned Grumpy to stay away from the mall’s architect vendor. Jeez, Grumpy had already seen his stock and prices. He thought the punk architect should bring along a small house deed whenever he was traveling to an adventure planet because his price might just about cover the starport ticket. (but not quite).

Grumpy kept getting the evil eye from the mall’s punk architect. He was watching to make sure Grumpy didn’t make any FALSE MOVES towards his vendor. Grumpy is going to enjoy selling this punk chemical mines next month when his holocron tells him to master doctor. Grumpy might boost his price a little for a “poetic justice” surcharge.

Grumpy finds this whole holocron nonsense very amusing. Grumpy might have been fooled into chasing after one if he hadn’t played EverQuest for a few years prior. He knows all about how this sort of “content” works. Grumpy wishes he could loot a holocron that told him to be a Master Baiter. Besides the obvious plus of getting to fish alot, he could amuse the cantina dancers with his title. The ones at their keyboards anyways.

Grumpy had to make a stop at the bazaar to find a large lot of junk hides. He thinks most of the people selling hides are high. The wooly sellers get to imagine any sales price they want, and pretty much realize their dreams, but the bristley/scaley sellers of OQ 2 hide are obviously smoking stuff worse than crack. If Grumpy were to pay some of these prices he might lose his shirt, but at least he could wear a hide around town.

Could be worse. Eclipse could be Loading……

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