Grumpy Knows All About Resources (11-06-03)

Grumpy knows when he logs on he can’t go fishing for at least a couple of hours. This annoys Grumpy. This annoys him almost as much as 24 percent ore fields.

Which is the first thing Grumpy has to do every SWG day, hunt down ore. Grumpy thinks if the Sony Dev Team came trick-or-treating at his house, they wouldn’t get any treats, only tricks. Just like the tricks they play on Grumpy when he’s trying to find ore. Grumpy doesn’t find it amusing at all when the only 60 pct ore fields are in the cities.

Grumpy tries to answer all the tells he gets when he is on an ore hunt. He doesn’t think he should have to answer customers that begin their tell with “yo” or “hey” or “dude”, however. Grumpy thinks it’s not too much effort to begin with “hello” or “hi”. And, Grumpy wouldn’t mind if people that use “ta” instead of “thanks alot” were to discover that their houses had sunk under the SWG geometry. Grumpy would sell them a replacement house deed, but he doesn’t want to see “ta” ever again. When Grumpy was in school, “ta” meant something entirely different.

Grumpy had a good day yesterday tho, he found a new 55 ore field, and, even more exciting, a 90+ steel field! If Grumpy ever found a 90+ ore field, he might have to celebrate with free furniture for everyone at the Coronet starport. Of course, all architects and miners know that can’t happen. Grumpy doesn’t find that Sony trick very amusing either.

One thing that Grumpy does find amusing: SWG guilds. Grumpy gets asked to join guilds all the time, almost as much as he gets tells asking “yo, price on pa hall?” Grumpy is too smart for that tho. He knows they’re just asking him so he’ll build the hall AND their player city for free and maybe build 29,000 sticks of furniture to go inside the hall. Of course, all architects know that 29,000 sticks of furniture wouldn’t even FIT inside a PA Hall.

Grumpy thinks SWG guilds are best left to the punk architects that don’t know any better yet.

After Grumpy got cloned from the aggro mobs that are never fooled by Mask Scent, he got a tell from someone wanting a PA Hall. Grumpy sometimes feels like a grocery store worker with all these “price checks.” Grumpy referred them to a couple of punks that build PA Halls for 250k and told the shopper that the punks were looking to join a guild too, so maybe their price would be even LESS! Grumpy laughed for quite a while at that trick.

Grumpy had to go through a few starports while on his ore hunt. He doesn’t like starports because he gets too many tells from the “yo” shoppers. This particular night, a punk architect wanted to know if Grumpy yo had any spare ore yo to sell at yo 1cpu. Grumpy told him to lay off the spice. Grumpy told him that he’d have some huge lots of ore tomorrow since he just found a 86 ore field on Datooine right near the agr-yo outpost. When Grumpy got the angry tells later, Grumpy explained he musta been thinking about the inert gas field he found. (hehe)

Last week, Grumpy got a lot of tells from doctors wanting big chemical mines. Grumpy knew what was up; he had seen this happen a few times before. Class 4 was back. Grumpy laid down several chem mines of his own because he may need some Class 4…for a rainy day…in about 2 weeks when the bazaar is sold out. Grumpy could have raised the prices on his chemical deeds, but he didn’t. Grumpy won’t be so kind in 2 weeks with pricing his supply, however. That’s how capitalism works.

Grumpy wishes the Sony Dev Team had to buy Class 4 in two weeks. That would be a very amusing Grumpy trick to play on them.

But, now that Grumpy has his new ore mines in place, maybe he can go fishing tomorrow night. Yo.

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