Welcome to the final resting place of The Complete Tales of The Grumpy Master Architect.

A brief Grumpy bio and introduction is in the sidebar along with a Table of Contents. Even those readers that never played Sony’s Star Wars: Galaxies will enjoy his posts as many of his misadventures, rants and editorials apply universally to all Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

The collection is also a telling record of the rise and fall of a major online game.

Want to read them all? Start here and page through the tales by clicking the navigation links.

7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I had enjoyed Grumpy a great deal on the Forums. I have one question: If his tales chronicle the rise and fall of SWG, when does my refund check from SOE arrive? Grumpy’s last post was 02-02-04 and it’s already 11-30-04! LOL

  2. Dear Grumpy, I played SWG a few years ago and enjoyed reading your stories. What have you been up to lately? Are you on some new MMO now?

  3. I remember reading these tales on the old SWG forums and as a trader could so relate so some of them and always laughed when reading.

    I’m delighted to have found them again.

    Thanks Grumpy


  4. I was wondering if Grumpy might be involved with the SWGEmu project. Would be great to see him on the test server and maybe hear about the future return of Grumpy’s message board posts.

  5. Excellent read, you certainly have a flair for writing /tiphat

    As I ponder my 8 years on Eclipse (mostly as an Architect) this brings back a lot of memories. Not really sure what I’m gonna do after Dec 15th…

  6. Loved these stories and I was disappointed that I never found out who he was in game. Very sorry to see the game end as well but I have this page on my favorites list to help bring back the good memories of a once great game.

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